Real Log Homes

Today's log homes are not what they used to be. While they are still built with the same rugged and timeless look as they have been for centuries, today's log homes are designed to be lower maintenance, more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly. Making sure we can offer the latest in log home advancements to our clients means we need to partner with a log home manufacturer who has continuously been at the forefront of design and technology: Real Log Homes®.

We have been an Independent Representative for Real Log Homes® since 1996. Prior to this we put up buildings from five other manufacturers. During our long stead we have learned from hands on experience what it takes to help design, assemble and finish a traditional log home to the highest standards. We have also encountered a number of clients who, for various reasons, would like to participate in the project in a hands-on capacity. For these DIY folks we have always been happy to help teach and provide assistance and guidance when necessary.

Our experience as builders also allows us to build homes that contain both log portions and conventional built portions. These "hybrid" style homes are a great fit for those people who like the look of a log home, but don't want their entire home to be log-built. For these clients we can seamlessly build a home with one wing being log-built and the others built with high-quality conventional methods.

Floor Plans



Sq Ft.: 1456



Sq Ft.: 2408



Sq Ft.: 1680



Sq Ft.: 1884



Sq Ft.: 1392



Sq Ft.: 2232



Sq Ft.: 1776



Sq Ft.: 2400



Sq Ft.: 1520



Sq Ft.: 2304



Sq Ft.: 2408






Sq Ft.: 1586

Sq Ft.: 2120

Sq Ft.: 1832
Covington Covington

Sq Ft.: 2300
  Sheridan Sheridan

Sq Ft.: 2304
  Mansfield Mansfield

Sq Ft.: 1536
Piedmont Piedmont

Sq Ft.: 1792
  Rockville Rockville

Sq Ft.: 1152
  Winsted Winsted

Sq Ft.: 2160
Hamilton Hamilton

Sq Ft.: 1984
  Mendon Mendon

Sq Ft.: 2212
  Auburn Auburn

Sq Ft.: 2024
Newport Newport

Sq Ft.: 2080
  Deerfield Deerfield

Sq Ft.: 1344
  Livermore Livermore

Sq Ft.: 2112
Cascade Cascade

Sq Ft.: 1964
  Catskill Catskill

Sq Ft.: 2016
  Dawson Dawson

Sq Ft.: 2475
Crystal Lake Crystal Lake

Sq Ft.: 1760
  Middleton Middleton

Sq Ft.: 2550
  Grand Isle Grand Isle

Sq Ft.: 3200
Stonington Stonington

Sq Ft.: 3448
  Augusta Augusta

Sq Ft.: 1596
  Custom 03W0035 Custom 03W0035

Sq Ft.: 2790
Custom 03W0036 Custom 03W0036

Sq Ft.: 2588
  Custom 03W0037 Custom 03W0037

Sq Ft.: 1968
  Custom 03W0038 Custom 03W0038

Sq Ft.: 1756
Custom 03W0039 Custom 03W0039

Sq Ft.: 2756
  Custom 03W0040 Custom 03W0040

Sq Ft.: 1920
  Custom 03W0041 Custom 03W0041

Sq Ft.: 2304
Custom 03W0042 Custom 03W0042

Sq Ft.: 2119
  Custom 03W0043 Custom 03W0043

Sq Ft.: 2200
  Custom 03W0044 Custom 03W0044

Sq Ft.: 2614
Custom 03W0045 Custom 03W0045

Sq Ft.: 2051
  Custom 03W0046 Custom 03W0046

Sq Ft.: 2630
  Custom 03W0047 Custom 03W0047

Sq Ft.: 2957
Custom 03W0048 Custom 03W0048

Sq Ft.: 2165
  Custom 03W0049 Custom 03W0049

Sq Ft.: 2200
  Custom 03W0050 Custom 03W0050

Sq Ft.: 1200
Custom 03W0051 Custom 03W0051

Sq Ft.: 2750
  Custom 03W0052 Custom 03W0052

Sq Ft.: 2966
  Custom 03W0053 Custom 03W0053

Sq Ft.: 1860
Custom 03W0054 Custom 03W0054

Sq Ft.: 1644
  Custom 03W0055 Custom 03W0055

Sq Ft.: 4136
  Custom 03W0056 Custom 03W0056

Sq Ft.: 2640
Custom 03W0057 Custom 03W0057

Sq Ft.: 1980
  Custom 03W0058 Custom 03W0058

Sq Ft.: 1988
  Custom 03W0059 Custom 03W0059

Sq Ft.: 2048
Custom 03W0060 Custom 03W0060

Sq Ft.: 1915
  Custom 03W0061 Custom 03W0061

Sq Ft.: 2408
  Custom 03W0062 Custom 03W0062

Sq Ft.: 1872
Custom 03W0063 Custom 03W0063

Sq Ft.: 3016
  Custom 03W0064 Custom 03W0064

Sq Ft.: 1520
  Custom 03W0065 Custom 03W0065

Sq Ft.: 2268
Custom 03W0066 Custom 03W0066

Sq Ft.: 2096
  Custom 03W0067 Custom 03W0067

Sq Ft.: 1232
  Custom 03W0068 Custom 03W0068

Sq Ft.: 1530
Custom 03W0069 Custom 03W0069

Sq Ft.: 1500
  Custom 03W0070 Custom 03W0070

Sq Ft.: 2608
  Custom 03W0071 Custom 03W0071

Sq Ft.: 2276
Custom 03W0072 Custom 03W0072

Sq Ft.: 2248
  Custom 03W0073 Custom 03W0073

Sq Ft.: 2302
  Custom 03W0074 Custom 03W0074

Sq Ft.: 1780
Custom 03W0075 Custom 03W0075

Sq Ft.: 1752
  Custom 03W0076 Custom 03W0076

Sq Ft.: 1928
  Custom 03W0077 Custom 03W0077

Sq Ft.: 2713
Custom 03W0078 Custom 03W0078

Sq Ft.: 3372
  Custom 03W0079 Custom 03W0079

Sq Ft.: 2230
  Custom 03W0080 Custom 03W0080

Sq Ft.: 2000
Custom 03W0081 Custom 03W0081

Sq Ft.: 1798
  Custom 03W0082 Custom 03W0082

Sq Ft.: 1936
  Custom 03W0083 Custom 03W0083

Sq Ft.: 1312
Custom 03W0084 Custom 03W0084

Sq Ft.: 2168
  Custom 03W0085 Custom 03W0085

Sq Ft.: 2000
  Custom 03W0086 Custom 03W0086

Sq Ft.: 2000
Custom 03W0087 Custom 03W0087

Sq Ft.: 2517
  Custom 03W0088 Custom 03W0088

Sq Ft.: 1680
  Custom 03W0089 Custom 03W0089

Sq Ft.: 2948
Custom 03W0090 Custom 03W0090

Sq Ft.: 3100
  Custom 03W0091 Custom 03W0091

Sq Ft.: 3360
  Custom 03W0092 Custom 03W0092

Sq Ft.: 3253
Custom 03W0093 Custom 03W0093

Sq Ft.: 2072
  Custom 03W0094 Custom 03W0094

Sq Ft.: 1861
  Custom 03W0095 Custom 03W0095

Sq Ft.: 3488
Custom 03W0096 Custom 03W0096

Sq Ft.: 2968
  Custom 03W0097 Custom 03W0097

Sq Ft.: 1807
  Custom 03W0098 Custom 03W0098

Sq Ft.: 4170
Custom 03W0099 Custom 03W0099

Sq Ft.: 1716
  Custom 03W0100 Custom 03W0100

Sq Ft.: 1915
  Custom 03W0101 Custom 03W0101

Sq Ft.: 1152
Custom 03W0102 Custom 03W0102

Sq Ft.: 1876
  Custom 03W0103 Custom 03W0103

Sq Ft.: 1735
  Custom 03W0104 Custom 03W0104

Sq Ft.: 2490
Custom 03W0108 Custom 03W0108

Sq Ft.: 1400
  Custom 03W0109 Custom 03W0109

Sq Ft.: 2400
  Custom 03W0110 Custom 03W0110

Sq Ft.: 1740
Custom 03W0111 Custom 03W0111

Sq Ft.: 1560
  Custom 03W0112 Custom 03W0112

Sq Ft.: 3040
  Custom 03W0113 Custom 03W0113

Sq Ft.: 1736
Custom 03W0114 Custom 03W0114

Sq Ft.: 1900
  Custom 03W0115 Custom 03W0115

Sq Ft.: 2400
  Custom 03W0116 Custom 03W0116

Sq Ft.: 2928
Custom 03W0117 Custom 03W0117

Sq Ft.: 3133
  Custom 03W0118 Custom 03W0118

Sq Ft.: 1776
  Custom 03W0119 Custom 03W0119

Sq Ft.: 1344
Custom 03W0120 Custom 03W0120

Sq Ft.: 1800
  Custom 03W0121 Custom 03W0121

Sq Ft.: 1392
  Custom 03W0122 Custom 03W0122

Sq Ft.: 1664
Custom 03W0123 Custom 03W0123

Sq Ft.: 2630
  Custom 03W0124 Custom 03W0124

Sq Ft.: 2072
  Custom 03W0125 Custom 03W0125

Sq Ft.: 1980
Custom 03W0126 Custom 03W0126

Sq Ft.: 2184
  Custom 03W0127 Custom 03W0127

Sq Ft.: 1536
  Custom 03W0128 Custom 03W0128

Sq Ft.: 2484
Custom 03W0129 Custom 03W0129

Sq Ft.: 1056
  Custom 03W0130 Custom 03W0130

Sq Ft.: 1488
  Custom 03W0131 Custom 03W0131

Sq Ft.: 2920
Custom 03W0132 Custom 03W0132

Sq Ft.: 2088
  Custom 03W0133 Custom 03W0133

Sq Ft.: 3676
  Custom 03W0134 Custom 03W0134

Sq Ft.: 2505
Custom 03W0135 Custom 03W0135

Sq Ft.: 3584
  Custom 03W0136 Custom 03W0136

Sq Ft.: 960
  Custom 03W0137 Custom 03W0137

Sq Ft.: 2660
Custom 03W0138 Custom 03W0138

Sq Ft.: 3568
  Custom 03W0139 Custom 03W0139

Sq Ft.: 1705
  Custom 03W0140 Custom 03W0140

Sq Ft.: 2600
Custom 03W0141 Custom 03W0141

Sq Ft.: 3808
  Custom 03W0142 Custom 03W0142

Sq Ft.: 1956
  Custom 03W0143 Custom 03W0143

Sq Ft.: 2386
Custom 03W0144 Custom 03W0144

Sq Ft.: 1456
  Custom 03W0145 Custom 03W0145

Sq Ft.: 2192
  Custom 03W0146 Custom 03W0146

Sq Ft.: 1616
Custom 03W0147 Custom 03W0147

Sq Ft.: 1149
  Custom 03W0148 Custom 03W0148

Sq Ft.: 1456
  Custom 03W0149 Custom 03W0149

Sq Ft.: 1758
Custom 03W0150 Custom 03W0150

Sq Ft.: 1636
  Custom 03W0151 Custom 03W0151

Sq Ft.: 1988
  Custom 03W0152 Custom 03W0152

Sq Ft.: 1400
Custom 03W0153 Custom 03W0153

Sq Ft.: 2248
  Custom 03W0154 Custom 03W0154

Sq Ft.: 1456
  Custom 03W0155 Custom 03W0155

Sq Ft.: 2444
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